Different Types of Martial Arts That’s Popular in the United States

Martial arts have been part one of the most important part of almost any society in the world. Commencing with the Greek and Roman wrestling tradition, baritsu or Western boxing, and all the way to Filipino Martial Arts, Judo, Ving Tsun Washington DCand Japanese and Chinese Karate. Hence, despite what environments and time you live in, learning a great set of punches and moves to use for practicing and self-defense or any kind of martial arts for the overall health and fitness are still relevant nowadays. In this article, we will be discussing a list of martial arts styles, which are popular in the United States: 


This martial art is particularly a Korean martial art that aims to balance both attack and self-defense as a means of physical fitness exercising and sport. Its different fighting moves concentrates on quick hand movement and high kicks. Taekwondo is according to the idea that the leg is the furthest-reaching and the strongest limb that a person has. So, you get the best opportunity for you to use it as an excellent weapon. This idea emphasizes the fact that using our legs as our ultimate choice as a weapon can keep any attackers at bay and won’t bother to attack you.  


Originally, Karate emerged in Japan and it is now being practiced basically for recreational and sports purposes. This type of martial art is comprised of particular combat factors such as the fundamental elbows, punching, and kicking while including open hand techniques. The ultimate goal of this martial art is to deflect an attack. Hence, this is basically a self-defense act, which is the opposite of MMA. 


Basically, kickboxing is used for several purposes. It could be learned to maintain your overall physical fitness, involve in professional or semi-professional sports activities, or just to learn and improve self-defense techniques. This sport has various origins, however, the most popular version of kickboxing all over the world is the American kickboxing, which is matched with the Japanese version. Overall, it includes unique skillsets and techniques like kicks, knees, and punches to disarm an attacker or opponent. A fast front kick to the face is commonly sufficient for you to disarm anyone who tries to attack you. Agility and speed are two of the most crucial aspects because the person should strike before the opponent can respond and react. 


Judo first emerged from the islands of Japan, which is known as a competitive professional sport. As of today, Judo has attained worldwide approval. Within its regulation of fighting, the main condition to gain points and ultimately become a victor is to takedown or throw your challenger. Even if it’s originally established for physical fitness and sport, it eventually became a successful martial art in close competition using power. Judo’s main notion is minimum effort and maximum efficiency. Once you apply the right balance and technique needed for this art, you can actually easily overpower a much bigger opponent.